ABC Letter Bead Set

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ABC Letter Bead Set

ABC Letter Bead Set

A box of wooden letter beads and coloured shapes in a wooden box with perspex lid.

Approximately 80 little wooden shaped and coloured beads, in shapes of flowers, hearts, stars, circles, cubes. butterfles and fishes.

2 lengths of threading string  blue and red.

Letters of the alphabet on wooden beads.

A-12,  B -9,  C-6, D-6,  E- 12, F -8, G -6, H -6, I-6, J-4, K -4, L -9, M-9,  N-9,

0 -6, P-6, Q-3, R -10, S -10, T -7, U -2, V -2, W -4, X -4, Y -4, Z -4.

Plenty of letters to make names and words.

Age 3 +

Box size 28 x24 x2 cm

Beads 1x1cm

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