Feel A Shape Touch Bag

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Feel A Shape Touch Bag

Feel A Shape Touch Bag

Shapes in a bag, for feeling and identifying

12 shapes in a cotton bag for feely games.

A bright red coloured bag holds 12 chunky wooden familiar shapes,

Easy to hold and children will be able to recognise the shapes from the matching pictures that practitioners can copy, re size and lamimate.

The large chunky wooden shapes are brightly coloured and include, duck, person, house, hedgehog, heart, tree, dolphin, giraffe, star, snake, moon and elephant.

The shapes have a multi use as they can be used as templates for other matching games.

Is it a duck or a tree? Feeling and guessing the shapes in a cotton bag, a great game for individual learning or turn taking.


Shapes sizes Length between  7 - 12 cm

Instructions included

age 3+

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