Finger Puppets- Animals Nocturnal Noris owl

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 Finger Puppets- Animals Nocturnal Noris owl

Finger Puppets- Knitted Animals.

 Finger Puppets - 

 Knitted Finger Puppets at The Childminding Shop

The range of "little fingy" Hand Knitted finger puppets are perfect for little fingers, because they are knitted toys, they are tight enough to fit onto small fingers without dropping off, sizes and characteristics may vary slightly as not all are the same. In the range is our Pig Puppet, great for three little pigs finger puppets. 

Each Puppet has its own name, so is great to collect.

We have started with a few in the range to get you going, 

Our farm and wildlife  finger puppets  are perfect for supporting rhymes, stories & songs.

Not just for childminders, everyone can collect our hand knitted finger puppets.

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