French Skipping - Animal

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French Skipping - Animal

French Skipping - Animal

Jumpsies/Elastics/French Skipping/Chinese Ropes

 -  is a childrens game involving at least three players and a long string of elastic tied into a loop.

You'll remember these from school when the elastic was around the childrens ankles & you had to jump or double jump over the elastics.  The elastic was moved to varying heights up the body to see if the 'jumper' could make it over the rope.

There are many variations of the game that are played. Sometimes the rope is criss-crossed so that it makes an X, and the player must move his or her feet into different sections of the X in some pattern - like cats cradle but jumping.

Instead of using the old white elastic, we can provide you with a slightly more up to date 'rope' that is colourful and probably preferred by your child. Length is 2.6m (1.3m when double in a loop). This style is slightly shorter and finer than our other French Skipping Rope.

We have varying colours & you will be sent one of these colours as shown in the photo.

Age 5 +

WE THINK:  We hope your children will have many hours of fun with these (we bet you have a go too...)

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