Soft Frog Toy with Insects

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Soft Frog Toy with Insects
Soft Frog Toy with Insects

Frog Soft Toy

This cute frog made of soft fabric and brightly coloured bow tie offers small children great possibilities to discover their senses and motivity!

It has rattles in its feet, its arms are filled with crackling film and when it opens its mouth the children can see their mirror image.

Its 4 soft little  insects (approx. 7 x 10 cm) are also interesting - they squeak, rattle and crackle happily when the frog swallows them!

They can be removed again at all times through the opening in the stomach.

A lovely soft toy for childminders to use as a prop to  make up and tell stories.

This big soft frog toy is 29cm x28 cmx 32cm


Age from 1 year

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