Layer Puzzle - Girl - Your Body

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Layer Puzzle - Girl - Your Body
Layer Puzzle - Girl - Your Body

Layer Puzzle - Girl - Your Body



This puzzle shows in a clear and child oriented way the set-up of a human body from the skeleton to the organs, over the muscles to the naked and to the dressed child.

Wonderful for recognition and association of anatomy and can help to answer questions about ones own body.

size: 290 x 143 x 19 mm

28 piece puzzle made of birch

The pieces fit together to complete the nervous, digestive, muscular, skin and clothed layers which makes it a fun and excellent educational toy.

The puzzle is great for 3 year olds plus because it is a unique, high-quality, attractive wood puzzle that gives your child his/her first anatomy lesson. He/she will be fascinated to see what lies beneath the skin.

Give your child an idea of what each layer does:
The skeleton is where the bones are, they hold you up and make you tall.
The muscles help you run and jump and hold these puzzle pieces.
The organs are where your heart is and your lungs that help you breathe.
The skin holds is all together and protects it.


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