Special Needs Cutlery- CleverstiX

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Special Needs Cutlery- CleverstiX
Special Needs Cutlery- CleverstiX
Special Needs Cutlery- CleverstiX

Special Needs Cutlery- CleverstiX

CleverstiXs Special needs cutlery, new to The Childminding Shop, designed  to develop the hand writing grip with the special ergonomic pincer design, as well as advance fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity and as a result of this have received fantastic reviews from the National Handwriting Association.

This new product is designed as an eating utensil for toddlers and is also a feeding utensil for special needs. It can assist as a special needs writing aid and special needs eating utensil.

This unique ‘no spring-back’ design requires the child to apply movement for both closing and opening their grip. As CleverstiX are intended to be used for mealtimes the children receive substantially more input than they would through using resources for grip and pincer movement less frequently in school group activities.

Award winning CleverstiX have been endorsed by the Science museum and are approved of by leading Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs),as an occupational therapy eating utensil- parents and specialists who work with children with co-ordination difficulties and have also been well reported for use in children with Dyspraxia/DCD and some forms of Autism/ASD. Most importantly they are easily used by children who find them great fun.

Children instinctively like to use their fingers (especially those with dyspraxia) and with dedicated rings CleverstiX simply act as an extension of them – therefore kids find them incredibly comfortable to use! At the same time they learn to savour and digest food at a healthy pace.

Dishwasher Safe, BPA free.

Recommended for Ages 3 – 11 (Depending on finger and thumb size).

RIGHT – HANDED  & LEFT HANDED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE. Instructions for converting to left handed clevestix are included.

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