Sponge Painting Set - People & Clothing

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Sponge Painting Set - People & Clothing

Sponge Painting Set - People & Clothing

These cut out sponge shapes help children develop painting skills. The sponges are designed to be used together to make mini-people. You can make lots of different characters by mixing and matching different clothes and accessories. How about using the sponges to make a big picture of your friends and family? Great for exploring a family theme or a diversity theme.

The sponge painting sets are ideal for use with ready mixed paint.  Easy to use and easy to clean, giving continued fun over and over again!

Set of sponges in different shapes to help create different people. The shapes include:

Faces Clothes Accessories

 Ideal for use with paint and ink pads.

We think: Great for Childminders - easily washable, easy to store. Great for collages for any time of year.  Use for themed projects from family and friends to multicultural diversity.

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