Wood Craft Sticks - Faces

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Wood Craft Sticks - Faces
Wood Craft Sticks - Faces

Wood Craft Sticks - Faces

Wooden Faces - Craft Sticks - 10

Use paint, crayon, glitter, glue, sequins and other collage materials to decorate these face shapes.

Pack of 10 sticks

How about a multicultural theme? Use our multicultural hair, felt and wiggly eyes to decorate. Great for exploring a theme of diversity.

Once decorated these faces craft sticks can be used as bookmarks or given to friends or family as gifts.

Fabulous Birthday craft.  Instead of sending a card why not write a message on the stick then give it to the one you love?

For another craft theme, why not use them to make as many different expressions as possible... 

Or make a set of Christmas or Nativity or fairytale characters...





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