Wooden Lock & Key of Dexterity

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Wooden Lock & Key of Dexterity

Wooden Lock & Key of Dexterity

A game demanding patience, which at the same time improves dexterity, memory and the faculty of thought association.  This is perfect as a form of rehabilitation for manual motor skills.

The key has to be passed through the various panels, representing and making up a lock so that it fits exactly.

The panels themselves can be turned, thus creating new combinations again and again for the key and its lock.

Size approx. 23 x 15 cm

For ages 3+

We Think: A perfect choice for a special needs environment. It improves motor skills and general co-ordination along with concentration.  Kids will love playing with the key and lock.  Use it in roleplay - "the Magic Key" (use the Biff, Chip, Kipper & Floppy books to discuss what might happen).  Talk to kids about safety, why they dont play with the door keys, Is great for roleplay in any capacity and overall is a good value toy to hold as a Childminder.

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