Wooden Pairs Matching Game

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Wooden Pairs Matching Game

Wooden Pairs Matching Game

Make a Pair Wooden Pairs Game or Matching Game

Beautiful, good quality varnished wood Pairs Game with brightly painted bold designs which appeal to young children. Each symbol is on its own wooden tile approx 5cm square with a pattern on the reverse side. All pack away neatly into a sturdy wooden box with dovetail joints to last a long time.

This is a versatile and robust toy. Great for training the memory in the classic Pelmenism game (turn the tiles over and try to find pairs by remembering where each one is). Also good for teaching same/different by matching the pictures on the front and for early vocabulary.  The conveniently shaped wooden tiles could also be used for 'posting' in a box or letter box - a timeless favourite.

Perfect for small hands as the wooden tiles are easier to handle than cards.

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