Dolls Houses and Dolls House Accessories for Children in the Early Years from The Childminding Shop.

Dolls Houses and Dolls House Accessories at The Childminding Shop. A range of specially selected dolls houses for childminders, nurseries, playgroups and preschools. We  a stock large dolls house, dolls house furniture sets, wooden dolls houses, wooden dolls house furniture, and other dolls house accessories.
Wooden doll houses in a range of sizes, including a large dolls house for early learning

Some of our  dolls houses come complete with dolls house accessories.
We also have a range of additional wooden dolls house furniture & dolls house furniture sets 
Our range of miniature dolls and families are also suitable for the dolls house range.
Our Kidkraft So Chic Dolls house comes complete with 50 pieces of furniture and can be played with from four sides. Our small wooden dolls house with furniture is perfect for smaller spaces and for easy packing.

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